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Carnivore and Addiction

I am wanting to share how a Carnivore diet has helped me in my struggle with addictions. This post is going to cover some sensitive subjects. First off, I want to say it is not my intention to offend anyone. I want to offer a frank and authentic view of what it can be like to struggle with addiction. I am by no means an expert on the subject, all I have is my own experience. I wanted to provide this as a way for people to see how changes in a diet can dramatically affect their mind. We all know that what we ingest can affect our mental state. It’s why you can’t drink and drive. We know that alcohol has a profound affect on how the mind processes information. It’s why we have coffee when we feel foggy. It’s why you have soothing tea when you are on edge. We know that we can change our mental state with what we ingest. Why then do we not look to diet as a means in aiding the healing from addiction? The Seeds of Addiction I will not pretend to be an expert on the science

Month 2: Carnivore Complications

I would love to say that my transition to Carnivore came with no problems. That was not the case though. I had two things that started to cause me problems after being Carnivore for a month: coffee and alcohol. Now, some people may take issue and say, "Matthew, if you are having coffee and alcohol then you are not eating true Carnivore." I would say that they are correct and that was my mistake. I love coffee and I enjoy having a drink or two at the end of a stressful week to unwind. I thought allowing myself to continue to have these things wouldn't be a problem. That turned out to not be the case. Alcohol and Carnivore Now, the strictest definition of the Carnivore diet does not allow for alcohol and I believe that is wise. On the flip side, many people who eat a Carnivore diet don't make a religion out of it and allow themselves to enjoy things outside of the strict definition of Carnivore. We are all searching for what best fits our goals and desires. I t

My Journey to Carnivore

I wanted to layout my journey of health as an encouragement for other people considering the Carnivore way of eating. This first post is just a description of my health and fitness leading up to my transition to a Carnivore way of eating. I'm guessing there will be other people who identify with my story. I grew up in a house where we learned to comfort ourselves with food. Whenever we felt bad, we ate. Whenever we celebrated, we ate. Food was always at the center of any family gatherings. As an emotional kid I tended to eat a lot to make myself feel better. I remember pigging out at buffets. The thought makes me sick now but the reality is that I just wanted to feel better and food was the only thing that made me happy. I never remember ever being a fit kid. Many people talk about being really active and fit as a teenager and it was in their twenty's and thirty's that they put on weight. I was fat since I was 5 years old. The situation only got worse as I continued to